Dental Construction Clients

The following is a list of dental clients that Cunningham-Waters Construction Company, Inc. has served.

Family Dentistry

Dhillon Family Dentistry-6,625 SF New Facility, Dr. Rick Dhillon
Wood Creek Dental Landrum – 3,600 SF New Facility, Dr. Levi Hunt
Spartanburg Dental Associates – 3,600 SF New Facility, Dr. Andy Butcher
Carolina Oaks Dental – 3,500 SF Renovation, Dr. Marc Workman
Carolina Oaks Dental, Berea- 3,500 sf Renovation, Dr. Wesley Hardin
Dr. Scott Thomas Family Dental , Asheville, NC– 2,400 SF Renovation, Dr. Scott Thomas
Ron Gray Family Dentistry – 6,000 SF New Facility, Dr. Ronald Gray
Fort Mill Family Dental – 1,800 SF Renovation, Dr. Mark Fowler
Victory Dental– 1,865 SF Upfit, Dr. Cedric McDonald
Harris Family Dental– 4,950 SF New Facility, Dr. Trey Harris
Halton Family Dental- 3,250 SF Upfit, Dr. Bill Bragdon
Dr. Craig and Camille Horton– 6,500 SF New Facility, Dr. Craig and Camille Horton
Dr. Barnett Dentistry– 2,050 SF Renovation, Dr. Alton Barnett and Dr. Cindy Nichols
New Horizons Dental- 4,000 SF Renovation, Mr. Steven LuQui (Facilities Manager)
Roebuck Family Dental– 3,000 SF New Facility, Dr. Joe Lever
Lembo / Montgomery Dental Facility – 4,100 SF Upfit, Drs. Kara Lembo and Lindsay Montgomery
Simpsonville Family Dental – 2,500 SF Renovation, Dr. Gary Holtzclaw
Dr. Matthew Ertl- 2,200 SF Renovation, Asheville, NC
Monroe Dental Clinic- 1,500 SF Renovation, Monroe, NC
Dr. Atcheson- 3500 SF New Construction, Six Mile, SC
Dr. Smith Riley- New Construction, Summerville, SC
Dr. Hunter Councill- 2000 SF Upfit, Asheville, SC
Dr. Ryan MacRae- 3,500 SF New Construction, Clemson, SC
Dr. Stuart Williams- 2,500 SF Upfit, Asheville, NC
Dr. Kavi Sagunarthy- 2,500 SF Upfit, Fort Mill, SC
Dr. Matthew Warner- 2,400 SF Upfit, Greer, SC
Dr. Rhonda Kearney- 2,500 SF Upfit, Henderson, NC
Drs. Flaherty and Stacey- 4,000 SF Upfit, Asheville, NC
Dr. J.E. Mills, DMD- 4,300 SF New Construction, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dr. James Tankersley, DMD- X-Ray Room Upfit, Greenville, SC
Dr. Chris Kennerly, DDS- Cone-Beam Room Upfit, Asheville, NC
Dr. Melanie Blanton- Building Renovations, Piedmont, SC

Pediatric Dentistry

Ashby Park Pediatric Dental – 7,000 SF New Facility, Dr. Jennifer Fogle
Palmetto Pediatric Dentistry – 3,700 SF New Facility, Dr. Brian Jones
Greer Pediatric Dentistry– 3,700 SF New Facility, Dr. Mary Okuley
Ashby Park Pediatric, Duncan, SC- 5,800 SF New, Dr. Jennifer Fogle
Carolina Kids Pediatric Dentistry – 3,350 SF New Facility, Dr. Bevin Malley
Foothills Pediatric Dentistry- 2,500 SF Renovation, Dr. Michael Bozard
Dr. Kathleen Monn-Anderson Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Andy McKenzie- Hendersonville Pediatric Dentistry 1,950 SF Upfit


Dr. Harry Bobotis, Endodontist – 4,130 SF New Facility


Palmetto Orthodontics – 3,300 SF New Facility, Dr. Trecy Watson and Dr. Rush-Baker Caldwell
Smiley Orthodontists – 2,500 SF Renovation, Dr. Steve Smiley
Smiley Orthodontists- 6,000 SF New Facility, Dr. Steve Smiley
Fogle Orthodontics- 3,000 SF Upfit, Dr. Lance Fogle
Johnston Orthodontics- 6,500 SF New Facility, Dr. Michael Johnston
Saks Orthodontics- 3500 SF Upfit, Mooresville, NC

Oral Surgeons

ReGenesis Healthcare – 2,400 SF Renovation, Mr. George Newby
Logan Oral Surgery– 3,300 SF New Facility, Dr. William Logan
Union Oral Surgery- 2,150 SF New Facility, Dr. Steven Patty
Dr. Jonathon Lowry- Cosmetic and Structural Renovations, Hendersonville, NC